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Tory Conference: Thatcherism is back

Following the media and blogosphere coverage of the Conservative Party Conference, I’m left with the impression that the Tory Party has abandoned all attempts to paint itself as anything other than the party that the country was desperate to see the back of back in 1997. Gone are attempts to spin the party as offering […]

A Green Response to Gordon’s Speech

Anybody who follows British politics or media knows that it’s party conference season. This week, it’s the turn of Labour, who’ve gathered in Brighton Conference Centre – right in the middle of a seat which will almost certainly turn Green in the next election. The Labour Party is doing its best to defy the rather […]

Membership and elections

The recent news that the Conservative party is losing its members offers a great opportunity for other parties. Falling party membership usually means that the party membership is, in large part, disillusioned with the direction in which their party is going. Not only are there fewer members to campaign for the party, but also those […]