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#euref What would Brexit actually look like?

Probably the most important question of the EU Referendum is what would happen next if Leave wins. There are, broadly speaking, three different ways in which the UK could leave the EU, and each of them would mean a different set of changes. A quick disclaimer here: Whilst I’ll try to be objective here, I […]

#euref What is the EU Anyway?

The EU referendum campaign is underway, and a lot of people don’t think they know enough to decide how to vote. So I thought I’d try explaining it all. This post is a quick guide to what the EU is and what it does. Other posts in this series will explore what “Brexit” looks like, […]

Why I might spoil my ballot paper this year

In my area there are two elections this May. Whilst I will be voting Green in the local council elections, I might be spoiling my ballot for the Police and Crime Commissioner, because there are no candidates I can honestly support. If you’re not familiar with the term, a spoiled ballot is a ballot paper […]


It’s Easter Sunday, so here’s the Easter story reimagined in the form of a dance. Bookmark to:

Faith and the Green Party DO mix

Yesterday, Gillan Scott (formerly of God and Politics UK, now blogging at Archbishop Cranmer) wrote a post with the provocative title “Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith”. Whilst Gillan is usually even-handed, the post was a hatchet-job, basically claiming that the Green Party’s positions on abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage […]

Thoughts on Green Party Conference

I spent last weekend at Green Party conference in Liverpool. Every conference is different, and this time I was manning a stall for some of the time. This was on behalf of the new group within the party that is provisionally called Christian Greens (all welcome). Basically, a few weeks ago, a few of us […]

Does the Green Party welcome Christians?

One of the things about this blog is that, every so often, I get contacted by a Christian who is considering joining the Green Party. Usually, they ask me one of two things. Firstly, whether the party has an equivalent of Christians on the Left in Labour, the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, or the Conservative […]

Israel vs Palestine – a Christian view

This is the latest in my series of blog posts critiquing Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible. I’m in the middle of chapter 12 on Foreign Policy, this time looking at the thorny issue of Israel and Palestine. The History Grudem begins with a history of the conflict which is very one-sided. He […]

Does Foreign Aid Work?

After a long blogging break brought about by real life, I’m back, and picking up my series critiquing Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible. Today we’re continuing to look at the chapter on Foreign policy, focusing in on what he says about Foreign Aid. Grudem says that this is an area in which […]

Who to vote for?

Whilst it’s fairly obvious who I am going to vote for in both the local and European Parliament elections in May, I thought it might be worth looking at some of the arguments for various parties. A couple of months ago, the rather excellent God and Politics in the UK blog ran a series of […]