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It’s Easter Sunday, so here’s the Easter story reimagined in the form of a dance. Bookmark to:

Faith and the Green Party DO mix

Yesterday, Gillan Scott (formerly of God and Politics UK, now blogging at Archbishop Cranmer) wrote a post with the provocative title “Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith”. Whilst Gillan is usually even-handed, the post was a hatchet-job, basically claiming that the Green Party’s positions on abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage […]

Thoughts on Green Party Conference

I spent last weekend at Green Party conference in Liverpool. Every conference is different, and this time I was manning a stall for some of the time. This was on behalf of the new group within the party that is provisionally called Christian Greens (all welcome). Basically, a few weeks ago, a few of us […]

Conservativism and Christendom

A couple of recent posts I’ve read have made me think about how our ecclesiology (that’s our theology about the church) affects the way we think about politics. The first is over at Think Theology, which talks about the differences between Zwingli (one of the leaders of the Reformation) and the Anabaptists (the radical reformers) […]

Hospital Chaplaincies

One of the things about having this blog is that I seem to have become the go-to person when anybody is looking for Christians within the Green Party. The most recent example of this is somebody who was curious about a motion on hospital chaplains that is being submitted to the party’s Spring Conference later […]

St Nicholas

It’s St Nicholas’ Day today, and since Santa Claus (the god-figure of secular Christmases everywhere) takes his name from the saint in question, I thought I’d share this Santa-related video. H/T Justin Taylor Bookmark to:

The Problem with Christian Parties

Here in Coventry, a group called the Christian Movement for Great Britain are standing several candidates in the local elections. Their policy platform includes traditionally Christian stances like opposing abortion and promoting ethical banking. But it also includes policies like the end of wheel-clamping. Add in the Christian Party and the Christian Peoples’ Alliance (who […]

Christ is Risen!

It’s resurrection day. It’s the day we celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and conquered death. Forget all that secular stuff about chocolate, eggs, and bunnies. The real point of today is that JESUS IS ALIVE! He has conquered death. Bookmark to:

Why did Jesus Die?

Today is one of the two most important dates in the Christian calendar. Today is the day we celebrate Jesus’s death. Which, on the face of it, is a bit weird. Jews don’t celebrate the deaths of Abraham or Moses. Muslim’s don’t celebrate the death of Mohammed, nor do Buddhists celebrate the death of Buddha. […]

Christmas vs Mammonmas

For Christians, Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth. It’s about God forgoing the pleasures of heaven, and becoming a man in order to live amongst us, demonstrate His character, and – ultimately – die and be raised to life in order to reconcile us to Himself. It’s a celebration of God giving Himself to […]