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#euref What would Brexit actually look like?

Probably the most important question of the EU Referendum is what would happen next if Leave wins. There are, broadly speaking, three different ways in which the UK could leave the EU, and each of them would mean a different set of changes. A quick disclaimer here: Whilst I’ll try to be objective here, I […]

#euref What is the EU Anyway?

The EU referendum campaign is underway, and a lot of people don’t think they know enough to decide how to vote. So I thought I’d try explaining it all. This post is a quick guide to what the EU is and what it does. Other posts in this series will explore what “Brexit” looks like, […]

Why I might spoil my ballot paper this year

In my area there are two elections this May. Whilst I will be voting Green in the local council elections, I might be spoiling my ballot for the Police and Crime Commissioner, because there are no candidates I can honestly support. If you’re not familiar with the term, a spoiled ballot is a ballot paper […]

Who to vote for?

Whilst it’s fairly obvious who I am going to vote for in both the local and European Parliament elections in May, I thought it might be worth looking at some of the arguments for various parties. A couple of months ago, the rather excellent God and Politics in the UK blog ran a series of […]

European Elections: the West Midlands

In the UK, MEPs are elected by region. I live in the West Midlands region, which comprises Birmingham, the Black Country, Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire. Whilst I’m not going to do a post on all the regions, I thought I’d say a little bit about mine. At the last elections, we […]

What’s the point of European Elections?

With the European Parliament elections coming up on the 22nd of May, it’s worth asking what these elections are about. Not the personality and policy issues that will dominate the media, but what difference they actually make. These elections take place in every member state of the EU under proportional systems (so the number of […]

Christians on the Left?

One of the drawbacks of belonging to a smaller political party as a Christian is that there is rarely a specifically Christian group within the party, and because your time as a party activist is limited, it’s difficult to find the capacity to set one up. As a result, I was somewhat interested to read […]

Election Day

It’s local election day here in the UK. There are elections for the Mayor of London, the London Assembly, local councils in Scotland, Wales, and many parts of England. And various cities are voting on whether to have a directly elected mayor. So, if you live in an area with elections, I’d encourage you to […]

How should you run a local council?

On Thurdsay, Coventry (where I live) is one of ten local councils who will have referendums on the question of whether to replace the current system where elected councillors run the council with one where a directly elected mayor does. Like almost any change to the system, there are advantages and disadvantages to this. I […]

Party Election Broadcasts – the good, the bad, and the ugly

I’ve been catching up on some of the party election broadcasts for the local elections, I’m rather worried by what I’m seeing. There’s very little good (telling us what the party would do to improve the area), and far too much bad (focusing on national issues, rather than ones local government has any control over, […]