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Conservativism and Christendom

A couple of recent posts I’ve read have made me think about how our ecclesiology (that’s our theology about the church) affects the way we think about politics. The first is over at Think Theology, which talks about the differences between Zwingli (one of the leaders of the Reformation) and the Anabaptists (the radical reformers) […]

Politics and the Christian Worldview

This is the next in a series of posts critiquing Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible. Today we deal with chapter four, in which he paints a picture of a Biblical worldview – something that will be foundational as we move on to look at particular political issues. I’ll start by looking at […]

Church and State

Continuing our series looking at Wayne Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible today we’re looking at some of the arguments he makes about the relationship between church and state. This is basically taking a few sections out of his chapter on the purpose of government in order to make the post on that chapter a […]

Give me Liberty?

This is the latest in my series critiquing the arguments in Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible. Today, we’re looking at his assertion that one of the main purposes of government should be to safeguard human liberty and freedom. This topic is the largest one in his section on the purposes of government, […]

What’s the Point of Government?

I’m continuing the series critiquing Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible. Today, we’re looking at the question of what government is actually for. It’s one that doesn’t get asked all that often in political debate (at least this side of the Atlantic), but it is well worth looking at. Grudem covers this in […]

What is a Christian view of politics?

We’re continuing the series critiquing Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible. On Monday, we looked at five wrong views about the relationship between Christians and government/politics (at this stage in the book, the terms can be used pretty much interchangeably). Today, we critique what Grudem considers to be the right view. He calls […]

What isn’t a Christian View of Politics?

Following on from my review of Wayne Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible, I’m going to be spending the next few months critiquing his arguments about what a Christian approach to politics should be. Today, I’m looking at the first chapter, which explores the question of how Christianity should relate to government. It should be […]

How should politicians talk to faith groups?

I’ve been wondering recently how politicians should relate to churches and other faith groups. What sparked it was a service at Coventry Cathedral this Sunday. The event was basically a get-together of several different churches in the city, and had a short slot where a leading local councillor was asked about how the city as […]

Why did I join the Green Party?

Having said in my last post that there is no party that entirely reflects Christian values, that raises the question of why I chose to join the Green Party. The answer lies not in policies, which change over time, but in values, which tend to be stable for much longer. Of the six national parties […]

How should Christians do politics?

Although faith and politics should not be separated, Christians need to be careful how we link the two. There are ways of doing politics as Christians which are unhelpful. The most obvious example of getting it wrong is America’s Religious Right, who have turned many US churches into de facto branches of the Republican Party […]