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July Round-Up

Here are some interesting things I’ve spotted over the last month. Despite growing up in the Church of England, I never really understood their theology of baptism. Anthony Smith has explained it in a way that I now understand. There’s some evidence that giving prisoners the vote might help both rehabilitation and democracy. After I […]

June round-up

After a couple of months where real life has been rather busy (including doing some very successful full-time electioneering back in May), I’m now back on the blog. So here are some things I spotted in that time. Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere have been recorded at an historic high level, which is rather […]

March round-up

Here are a few interesting things I’ve spotted this month. Gillan at God and Politics UK has a couple of very good pieces about the character of politicians and conducting debate Make Wealth History points out some important facts about the actual impact of immigration All That’s Left has some interesting thoughts about Westminster and […]

February round-up

Here are a few interesting things I’ve spotted recently. The ever-insightful Paul Gillan of God and Politics UK has a piece on the impact of church social action projects Those of us fascinated by elections will love the analysis of the Eastleigh By-Election on All That’s Left. In what’s probably the most interesting By-Election of […]

Weekend Links

Here’s a selection of things that are of some interest. Those familiar with government consultations know that they frequently have significant flaws and inbuilt biases. However, Thirsty Gargoyle has had a look at the new consultation on gay marriage, and the consultation is particularly badly flawed (h/t Peter Ould). Rowan Williams has resigned as Archbishop […]

Internet round-up

Here’s a selection of things I’ve spotted around the internet recently. It turns out that the placebo effect is getting stronger. Anthony Smith has some interesting thoughts on the nature of marriage, especially relevant to the gay marriage debate. There are some interesting statistics on global military expenditure. It looks like the UK could probably […]

Weekend links and a video

This is my new plan for a semi-regular feature, sharing some stuff you may not have seen before. It looks like the UK is moving towards criminalising peaceful protest. If you want to do protest, contact your MP. But at least we’re not as bad as Iran, who are about to execute a Christian pastor […]

A few links

Here are a few interesting things I’ve come across recently. Firstly, a new BBC series Age of the Do-Gooders, which examines the great philanthropists of the 19th Century. If David Cameron’s “Big Society” isn’t just a fig-leaf for cutting public services, then he probably hopes for something like this. In any case, it’s a good […]