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Faith and the Green Party DO mix

Yesterday, Gillan Scott (formerly of God and Politics UK, now blogging at Archbishop Cranmer) wrote a post with the provocative title “Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith”. Whilst Gillan is usually even-handed, the post was a hatchet-job, basically claiming that the Green Party’s positions on abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage […]

Thoughts on Green Party Conference

I spent last weekend at Green Party conference in Liverpool. Every conference is different, and this time I was manning a stall for some of the time. This was on behalf of the new group within the party that is provisionally called Christian Greens (all welcome). Basically, a few weeks ago, a few of us […]

Does the Green Party welcome Christians?

One of the things about this blog is that, every so often, I get contacted by a Christian who is considering joining the Green Party. Usually, they ask me one of two things. Firstly, whether the party has an equivalent of Christians on the Left in Labour, the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, or the Conservative […]

Hospital Chaplaincies

One of the things about having this blog is that I seem to have become the go-to person when anybody is looking for Christians within the Green Party. The most recent example of this is somebody who was curious about a motion on hospital chaplains that is being submitted to the party’s Spring Conference later […]

Sexuality, Equality, and Freedom of Religion

There’s been some controversy recently about a vote taken on Brighton and Hove council back in July on the issue of same-sex marriage. A Christian councillor by the name of Christina Summers spoke and voted against a a motion supporting the principle of extending the legal definition of marriage to same-sex couples. There was some […]

Green Party Deputy Leader

Well, following on from my post on who I’m backing for Green Party leader, here’s the post on the Deputy Leadership contest. Apologies for the gap, but I did need more time to weigh up the candidates, and – as so often happens – real life got in the way of blogging. The Deputy contest […]

Why I’m (probably) Backing Peter Cranie

As I mentioned before, the Green Party are currently electing a new leader. Since my last post on the matter, the list of candidates has been announced. Whilst I’m open to persuasion from the booklet with candidate statements and the hustings I’ll be going to in Birmingham in a couple of weeks time, I’m reasonably […]

Who will be the next Green Party leader?

Following the recent news that Caroline Lucas has decided not to stand for a third term as leader of the Green Party, I feel I ought to comment on the whole thing. Before diving into the question of who the candidates to replace her might be, it’s worth saying something about the other debate the […]

Party Election Broadcasts – the good, the bad, and the ugly

I’ve been catching up on some of the party election broadcasts for the local elections, I’m rather worried by what I’m seeing. There’s very little good (telling us what the party would do to improve the area), and far too much bad (focusing on national issues, rather than ones local government has any control over, […]

Power vs Principle?

There’s been a bit of controversy within the Green Party recently (yes, this is a Green Party specific post – if you’re not a party member this post may be a waste of your time), which I think illustrates the problems with trying to do principled politics in the real world. If you’re a political […]