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Green Party Spring Conference

Well, I’ve just got back from the Green Party Spring Conference, and thought I’d share how it went. The conference was four days (Friday to Monday). As I couldn’t get the Friday off work, I arrived on the Saturday. Because it was in Cardiff, rather than Birmingham, it was a more relaxing time – instead […]

Party Conference Thoughts – Day 3

Well, my third day at conference was rather less busy than my second, although it also feels like more happened. I aimed to catch a fringe session that was happening at 9, but was late leaving home, and having missed a lot of it, I instead had a nice chat with the lady running the […]

Party Conference Thoughts – Day 2

So, thoughts on my second ever day of Party Conference. I started at 9 am, with a session on the new members’ website, which looks like it’s going to be a fantastic resource for communication within the party. This was followed by a plenary (voting) session, which started by accepting various committee reports – with […]

Party Conference Thoughts

I’ve spent today at my first ever Green Party conference, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts about it. When I arrived, I wandered around the exhibition stalls, before going into the opening speeches. Caroline Lucas was really good, highlighting some of our successes, some of our ideas, and making the case why disaffected […]

Post-Election Thoughts

Whilst it wasn’t the most exciting election of recent times, it certainly proved to be the most interesting. Here’s some brief thoughts on how it went. Nationally, the big three parties all lost. Labour lost a lot of seats, the Lib Dem surge lost them seats, and the Tories frittered away what had been a […]

Election Goodness

I’ve not had time to write anything here for a while, mostly due to a combination of real life busyness, but also due to having had an emergency operation a couple of months back, which I’m recovering from quite well. So here’s a few things related to the upcoming election that I would have shared […]

Membership and elections

The recent news that the Conservative party is losing its members offers a great opportunity for other parties. Falling party membership usually means that the party membership is, in large part, disillusioned with the direction in which their party is going. Not only are there fewer members to campaign for the party, but also those […]

Why did I join the Green Party?

Having said in my last post that there is no party that entirely reflects Christian values, that raises the question of why I chose to join the Green Party. The answer lies not in policies, which change over time, but in values, which tend to be stable for much longer. Of the six national parties […]