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Half a million march against the cuts

Yesterday, I was at the TUC-organised march against the cuts. It was a fairly standard demonstration – you march from A to B, and then when you get to B, there are speeches. For the most part, there was something of a carnival atmosphere, with samba bands, brass bands, and choirs amongst the marchers. The […]

The Tax on Takeaways

Apparently, Oldham Council are considering a one-off tax on takeaways in a bid to tackle obesity. Whilst most of the news coverage focuses on whether this will help tackle the problem or not, I think that this raises a couple of wider issues. Firstly, there’s the issue that this tax may well be regressive – […]

The real impact of the cuts

Thought I’d share a post I wrote for Coventry Green Voice regarding the impact of the cuts. Enjoy. George Osborne apparently believes that the cuts he announced yesterday are the salvation of the economy, and of the government’s finances. However, in reality, they will seriously damage both our economy and our society. Lets look at […]