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Hospital Chaplaincies

One of the things about having this blog is that I seem to have become the go-to person when anybody is looking for Christians within the Green Party. The most recent example of this is somebody who was curious about a motion on hospital chaplains that is being submitted to the party’s Spring Conference later […]

Church and State

Continuing our series looking at Wayne Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible today we’re looking at some of the arguments he makes about the relationship between church and state. This is basically taking a few sections out of his chapter on the purpose of government in order to make the post on that chapter a […]

News from the blogosphere

I was going to post the next in the series about Christianity and the environment that I’ve been running at weekends, but my PC blew up, so you’ll have to wait until next weekend for the next instalment. Instead, I’ll just point you to a few other great blog posts. Andy D’Agorne points out that […]