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How do we avoid consumerism?

Yesterday at church a couple of things set me wondering about how much I’ve brought into the consumerist ideal that our society is constantly pushing at us. Firstly, we repaired some damage to our projector screen. Over the years of putting it up and down every week, some of the poppers that attach the fabric […]

Merry Christmas

As it’s Christmas Day, I just thought I’d post a couple of reminders about what we’re celebrating today. Firstly, here’s a short video which is a pretty powerful reminder of why Jesus came to Earth: And here’s something the Bible says about the whole event: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was […]

Pre-election roundup

Well, we all go to the polls on Thursday, so here’s a quick roundup of related things I’ve spotted online. Not much for the local elections (well, they are local – even if the cuts are one of the biggest local issues in a lot of places), or for the Welsh and Northern Ireland elections. […]

Vegetarianism and Veganism

Following various conversations, I’ve been thinking about the issue of vegetarian and vegan food. Whilst I have dietary restrictions that would make a vegetarian diet difficult and a vegan one impossible, many of my fellow Greens follow one or the other on a point of principle. I thought I’d explore the common reasons that people […]

Do cars cause snow chaos?

As readers in the UK will know, we’re currently undergoing the annual panic about how a few inches of snow are bringing our country to a standstill. I’ve been wondering whether one of the reasons this happens is that our society is built around travel by car. The reason I’ve been wondering this is that, […]

Why Nutt is probably in the right

Before continuing with my critique of Capitalism, I thought I’d comment on the Professor Nutt story. If you’ve not been following the story, David Nutt was, until last week, the head of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. He was then sacked by Home Secretary Alan Johnson because of a lecture he delivered […]