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The Problem with Christian Parties

Here in Coventry, a group called the Christian Movement for Great Britain are standing several candidates in the local elections. Their policy platform includes traditionally Christian stances like opposing abortion and promoting ethical banking. But it also includes policies like the end of wheel-clamping. Add in the Christian Party and the Christian Peoples’ Alliance (who […]

Engaging people in politics

Last week, I came across a forum discussion on things that are important, but which we simply aren’t interested in. A poster by the name of SilverNemesis mentioned politics, and I asked him what politicians could do to help get people interested. Here’s the response: Stop talking ¤¤¤¤. Stop taking the piss with privilege. Stop […]

AV: What impact will it have?

On Tuesday, I explained what AV is and isn’t, and yesterday I looked at some of the myths and lies about AV. Today, I want to look at the impact AV would have on election results. I’ll start with some general points, before looking at how it will affect the individual parties (though I won’t […]

AV: Myths, Lies, and Distortions

Yesterday, I gave a quick overview of what AV is and isn’t. Today, I want to look at some of the myths, distortions, and outright lies that are being peddled by both campaigns, by the media, and by members of the public. Incidentally, of the two campaigns, the No campaign is the least honest by […]

So what’s this Referendum About?

On May 5th 2011, the UK will go to the polls to decide whether we want to change our voting system from the current First Past the Post system to the Alternative Vote system. There’s been a lot of confusion about this amongst both the general public and even in the two campaigns, so I […]

Party Election Broadcasts

Well, the English local elections, and elections for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, and Northern Ireland Assembly are coming up in a couple of weeks time. So here are my party’s election broadcasts. English Locals Scottish Parliament Welsh Assembly

Half a million march against the cuts

Yesterday, I was at the TUC-organised march against the cuts. It was a fairly standard demonstration – you march from A to B, and then when you get to B, there are speeches. For the most part, there was something of a carnival atmosphere, with samba bands, brass bands, and choirs amongst the marchers. The […]

Two decades is a short time in politics

I’ve been attending the Coventry Against the Cuts campaign meetings for a while, and one thing that’s been something of a feature of most meetings is the sniping between the Labour Party types and the Socialist Party types. After the most recent meeting, I went to the pub with the Socialists and, following conversation there, […]

Post-Election Thoughts

Whilst it wasn’t the most exciting election of recent times, it certainly proved to be the most interesting. Here’s some brief thoughts on how it went. Nationally, the big three parties all lost. Labour lost a lot of seats, the Lib Dem surge lost them seats, and the Tories frittered away what had been a […]

Election Goodness

I’ve not had time to write anything here for a while, mostly due to a combination of real life busyness, but also due to having had an emergency operation a couple of months back, which I’m recovering from quite well. So here’s a few things related to the upcoming election that I would have shared […]