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What’s Wrong with Capitalism? 2: The Love of Money

This is the second in my series on what’s wrong with Capitalism. I started with some Definitions, to help any readers who aren’t familiar with Capitalism and the ideas surrounding it. The Bible talks a lot about money, and the main thrust of what it says is that, although money and possessions are good things, […]

What’s Wrong With Capitalism? 1: Definitions

Last week I did a short talk outlining some of what the Bible has to say about money for an evening about managing your money well. That, and a number of other things I’ve spotted over the last month or so have made me particularly aware of the moral issues involved in the way we […]

Morality and Economics

Last night on Newsnight, Archbishop of Canterbury made an argument that economics should not be left solely to economists. Implicit in his comments was the belief that economics is a matter of morality as well as a matter of money. He does, in fact, have a point. Bookmark to: