March round-up

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 11:27 am,

Here are a few interesting things I’ve spotted this month.

Gillan at God and Politics UK has a couple of very good pieces about the character of politicians and conducting debate

Make Wealth History points out some important facts about the actual impact of immigration

All That’s Left has some interesting thoughts about Westminster and sex scandals, and strikes out against political tribalism by pointing out that right-wingers can be nice people.

The Guardian has a piece that highlights a scandal in the benefits system that everybody should watch.

Sue Marsh points out that the Government is refusing to even talk to disabled people about the way it treats them.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury has waded into the benefits debate, and Gillan of God and Politics UK has some thoughts about how politicians can respond better to this sort of thing.

Finally, a recent poll suggested that a majority of people think the Green Party should be included in the Prime Ministerial debates for the 2015 election. If you agree, why not sign the e-petition, and increase the chances of a real range of views being presented to the electorate.

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