February round-up

Posted on February 22, 2013 at 11:15 am,

Here are a few interesting things I’ve spotted recently.

The ever-insightful Paul Gillan of God and Politics UK has a piece on the impact of church social action projects

Those of us fascinated by elections will love the analysis of the Eastleigh By-Election on All That’s Left. In what’s probably the most interesting By-Election of this Parliament, they look at the numbers and the history of the seat. It looks like it’s going to come out to get-out the vote, and based on the numbers they’ve given, I think that has to mean the Lib Dems have the edge.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury talks about the culture of banking. (h/t Cranmer).

There’s a piece over at Bright Green which points out the danger of a court case brought by EDF Energy – apparently they’re suing people for causing no actual damage during a peaceful protest.

And DocRichard has some statistics on the effect of climate change. It turns out that extreme weather events are more frequent than they used to be.

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