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Posted on March 24, 2012 at 11:22 am,

Here’s a selection of things that are of some interest.

Those familiar with government consultations know that they frequently have significant flaws and inbuilt biases. However, Thirsty Gargoyle has had a look at the new consultation on gay marriage, and the consultation is particularly badly flawed (h/t Peter Ould).

Rowan Williams has resigned as Archbishop of Canterbury, and Peter Ould has some thoughts about who might replace him

There’s apparently a scientific paper that provides solid evidence that God heals through prayer. However, according to the Advertising Standards Authority my last sentence was illegal.

Meanwhile, Gillan at God and Politics in the UK has done an excellent summary of a recent Christians in Politics review.

And you may remember that a year ago 145 people were arrested for holding a peaceful sit-in protest against tax avoidance and evasion in Fortnum and Masons. 30 of them have been brought to trial (in three batches of 10), and it’s highlighted some of the failings of our justice system – most notably that three different trials for the same crime (and with the same actual evidence) have had three completely different verdicts. Trials B and C have been happening over the last few weeks, and I’ve been reading accounts of trial B part 1 trial B part 2, the trial B defendants’ statement, the first part of trial C, and the final report from trial C.

Finally, it’s always good to bring up an old link, and I’ve found one which highlights how much we pay for our TV channels. Which gives me an excuse to post the following video, which points out some of the good things about having the BBC.

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