A few links

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 11:32 am,

Here are a few interesting things I’ve come across recently.

Firstly, a new BBC series Age of the Do-Gooders, which examines the great philanthropists of the 19th Century. If David Cameron’s “Big Society” isn’t just a fig-leaf for cutting public services, then he probably hopes for something like this. In any case, it’s a good look at people who revolutionised their society, and hence worth a look for both Greens and Christians.

Next, Green blogger Jim Jepps looks at the good and bad of political tribalism. I have to say that my perspective has changed for both good and bad since joining a political party.

Then there’s an interesting post from a Christian who’s previously been sceptical about climate change who’s essentially saying that humanity needs Green politics to be successful (though he certainly doesn’t put it like that), complete with a video from a professor who’s outlining just how much humanity is living beyond our means. The video is certainly worth a watch.

Tory blogger “Archbishop Cranmer” has a nice piece arguing that Cameron’s Happiness Index is a good idea. He goes off on one about the EU towards the end of his post. But it’s great to see one of the more notable Tory bloggers championing the idea that money (in the form of economic growth) isn’t the best way to measure how our society is going.

Finally, the leading leftie blog Liberal Conspiracy has a piece about how the NHS is being privatised by stealth and another piece that points out just how good the NHS really is