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Posted on September 13, 2009 at 10:41 pm,

I was going to post the next in the series about Christianity and the environment that I’ve been running at weekends, but my PC blew up, so you’ll have to wait until next weekend for the next instalment.

Instead, I’ll just point you to a few other great blog posts.

Andy D’Agorne points out that phone boxes can become electric car recharging points. Sounds like a very good idea to me.

The Church Mouse asks the very good question of why there isn’t a unified climate change campaign in the run-up to Copehagen. As the Green Party, and/or as Christians, we should definitely try to work towards sending a unified message on this one.

The Green Room highlights a humanist who is being deported to Afghanistan for apostasy, where he faces the death penalty for apostasy – having publicly renounced Islam. A world where somebody is not free to abandon the faith they grew up with is not one I, as a Christian or as a Green, want to live in. If you don’t believe in a religion or an ideology you should be free to walk away from it whenever you want, without fear of being murdered for doing so. That our own government should be willing to send somebody to a country which is trying to murder him for changing his faith is utterly appalling.

act now to stop this travesty of “justice” now

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