Climate Change in the news

Posted on September 10, 2009 at 9:20 pm,

The BBC have a brief feature on a prototype floating wind turbine. Unfortunately, the technology won’t be commercially viable for another decade. Which means that the immediate future of wind power is likely to require convincing NIMBYs that it’s in their best interest to sacrifice the purity of the view out their window in order to combat climate change.

Meanwhile, the government claims that they are working to ensure that they are aiming to build a competitive advantage in ultra-low carbon vehicles. Living in a city which still contains several car factories, I would like to believe that this is more than just talk. Sadly, however, the government’s lack of commitment to the Vestas wind turbine factory suggests otherwise.

And France looks set to take some action against climate change by introducing a carbon tax. Unfortunately, the industries where it might make the most difference seem to be exempt.

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